New Arrivals

Hello and welcome to my author platform

I am a speculative fictional writer in the sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction genre. Warning to hard-core sci-fi fans – there is a little romance in the mix of my stories, too. My justification for this is that I feel character interactions with one another is an integral part of reality along with technology and evolution.

What is speculative fiction?

Well, technically you could argue all fiction is speculative by its very nature. However, I think it starts with now and takes a futuristic idea which it blends with sci-fi and fantasy, but it has to be within the realms of possibility. Later, it may progress as part of a wider story arc into a magical world we don’t recognise or end in a beautiful star system. An example of this would be evolutionary skills whether magical or cognizant. Another example might be, a new source of technology and how that might change – well, everything. Some little thing for convenience that then goes on to leave nothing untouched by change.

Why I write speculative fiction

I’m fascinated with what could happen if a particular gadget or technological capability existed. I’m interested in how it becomes pervasive in our ordinary lives and how it could make our near future more extraordinary.

Where I get my ideas from

You could say I’m full of wishful thinking. My first series PREDESTINED kicks off with the Age of Unity Quartet and begins with a very common problem parents have nowadays raising teenagers. There’s never a mobile recharger when you want one as one of those teenagers has borrowed it.