I am a British Canadian author living in beautiful Ontario, Canada. I was born in Dorset, England and moved with my family further along the southern coast of Britain to Portsmouth, Hampshire, where I finished school at fifteen, exams in-hand.  I studied computer programming for five years before joining the workforce as a Cobol programmer. After eight years I made the decision to raise, my then, one year old.  Ten years on, I had accomplished my target of five beautiful children, with my wonderfully geeky husband.  In 2006 and in need of adventure, we packed up and moved to our current little patch in Canada.

I started writing a story idea I had in 2012 on my mobile during the children’s soccer games. I had found a new passion, for storytelling. Story ideas in hand, I wrote whenever I could. By 2014, I realised I had many more stories than I had first thought. Excited and determined, I divided my time between my personal development and practice. I sought out new ways to work while on the move and ways that would increase my productivity.

To date, writing has already paid dividends in terms of new friendships and knowledge. Now I’m taking my career to the next level as a full-time author. My target it to write multiple stories per year, seek-out new writing mentors, and ways to improve my author accountability.