Writing Advice

New Writer Top Ten Must Do List

  1. Shoehorn some time into your day, everyday. Whether you work or not, you will be busy with family or other life interest. Activity layering is a must. Write on the go. I’ve done it with five kids, so anyone can!
  2. Read or listen to novels and understand the kind of story writing you want to do.
  3. Seek to learn about writing as a profession or at least to achieve the goal you have set yourself. There is so much help on the internet and that in itself can be confusing so ask people you trust for their opinion before you spend your hard-earned cash. Writing as a profession can take a long time to payback in cash what you’ve invested.
  4. Writing can be lonely. Try out some writers’ groups or start your own.
  5. Decide what will make your writing a complete first draft. If you haven’t done this, I suggest pausing and giving it some thought now. This skill will be needed for all stages of producing a novel or any writing, and it is an essential skill to cultivate. Any author will tell you revisions can become your future, otherwise.
  6. Write something until it meets your criteria of complete.
  7. Put your work down at least a few days and then edit your work yourself, have someone else edit it, read it aloud, and have it proof read.
  8. Never give up trying to get your work out there.
  9. Don’t rule out publishing yourself.
  10. Be prepared to market yourself.



The items mentioned below have given me a great start and I know I will continue to add to them as there is so much out there to learn, I will never be done.

I have no affiliation or kickback arrangements with anyone or organisation concerned with those mentioned below. I simply think these have been awesome! If you have any gems you would like to share, please drop me a message. Thanks and enjoy!


  • The Creative Penn Podcast by Joanna Penn presents everything you could wish to know about the fiction/non-fiction writing journey
  • Creative Writing Career by Stephan, Justin, and Kevin present writing for games, scripts, & fiction
  • Story Grid Podcast by Shawn Coyne mentors Tim Grahl to write his first novel


  • Writing Fiction for Dummies by Randy Ingermanson & Peter Economy (Randy is often known as the Snowflake Guy and has an awesome website & newsletter)
  • On Writing by Stephen King


  • Reader Magnets -Build your platform by Nick Stephenson
  • Gotta Read It! – Five simple steps by Libbie Hawker
  • How to Write a Bestseller – #1 Characters, #2 Dialogue, #3 World Building, #4 Writing a Series by Jennifer Fallon