Across Spacetime Book Release Party

Hourly Event Hosts are:

Lela Markham 3 pm-4 pm BST or 6 am -7 am Alaska Daylight Time
Tim Lewis 4 pm-5 pm BST or 11am-12pm EDT
Jessica Veter 5pm-6pm BST or 12pm-1pm EDT
Helena Trooperman 6pm-7pm BST or 1pm-2pm EDT – (Thanks for having me guest-host!)
Angela Guidolin 7pm -8pm British Summer Time
Terence Mitford 8pm-9pm BST
Kal Uddin 9pm-10pm BST
Melissa Macfie 10pm-11pm BST or 5pm-6pm EDT

To find out the correspondent time in your timezone, just follow the link:


(One author prize per hour – Angela Guidolin (Party Hostess) – to distribute to winners)

By Lela Marham: The Willow Branch-Book 1 of The Daerman Cycle (Fantasy); and Life As We Knew It-Book 1 of the Transformation Project Series (Science Fiction)

By Tim Lewis: Timeshock: I Want My Life Back-Book 1 in the series (Science Fiction); and Magpies and Magic-Book 1 (Fantasy)

By Jessica S. Veter: The Eyes Have it (Science Fiction)

By Helena Trooperman: Good Fortune: A Futuristic Techno Thriller  (Thriller)
By Angela Guidolin: 2 copies of Across Spacetime (authorgraphed)

By Terence Mitford: The Scarlet Club, (Thriller)
By Kal Uddin: Rise of the Red Harbinger-Book 1 of The Drowned Realm (Fantasy)

By Melissa Macfie: Fate’s Hand– Book 1 of The Celtic Prophecy (Fantasy)

So put on your disco pants and join us: Enjoy!!!


AKA: The Winch-Riders’

First Annual Reading Night

Dundas Little Theatre, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

First Annual Reading Night – MC for the evening is Matthew Bin.

On 25th February, 2017 we are venturing out of the pub to share our work with you.

We are fortunate to have as our MC an all-round nice guy, Matthew Bin. Matthew is an author, the past president of the Canadian Authors Association, and secretary of the Canadian Copyright Institute. His day’s are spent as an IT consultant in Oakville.

A big thank you to Matthew for taking time out of his extremely full schedule to put on his tux for our event!

Yes, yes! I did it!!!

Hello everyone,

Today has been the best day. I received the final notifications that my first e-book has been published. Wow! I can’t quite believe it!!! Thanks to everyone that has encouraged me and helped me to get here.

And, as if that were not enough, I’m also launching my new website. I hope you like my new look and find it easy to navigate.

GOOD FORTUNE is a reality!

I couldn’t have had a better Christmas present, ever, ever. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Helena xxx












News & Announcements

NaNoWriMo is done!

Yes! I did it. My first attempt at National Novel Writing Month. I had a photo finish with my word count. I had a glitch with my saves and lost the last three days of word count. (Although I was a little behind.) But I managed to pull back and rewrite my words. I finished with 50,830 words. (Fifty thousand is the target for all adult participants.) I validated my work at 11:35 p.m. on Wednesday, 30th November at

Of course, this is less than half of one of my novels, but it looks like December is going to be a busy writing month, too. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed pace as I finish my first draft of my third book in the Age of Unity Quartet.


The best thing is I’ve now earned the treat I’d promised myself. A fountain pen . . . yes.

There’s also a wonderful young writers’ NaNoWriMo and it’s a not for profit organisation that runs on donations to help fund school writing initiatives. Check it out on their site.