Age of Unity Quartet

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Book One

In 2032, British technologist, Athena Cartwright invents the first self-charging mobile. She lives in Canada with James, who is currently investigating an extremist threat to his Angolan oil rig.

When disaster strikes, Athena wants James home safe. There are no life pod sightings; everyone believes the crew is dead, except Athena who has been in contact with his prototype mobile.

Unbelieved by everyone, she undertakes to create her own solution to rescue the survivors in time to save their lives.

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Book Two  – Coming in late 2017

Athena believes her fiance has been replaced and she wants him returned. As the only person to perceive there’s been a switch, she can’t prove anything and at times questions her sanity. Can she find James, exposing the truth before his doppelganger fully takes over his life and the CA Petroleum Saudi Arabian oil deal, or accept she’s just losing her mind?

Book Three

Book Four